Welcome back to our blog series on needle phobia! In our first blog, we looked at some of the questions regarding needle phobia, a very common fear in which people are afraid of needles. Today’s blog finds the leaders of our mobile medical lab explaining some of the tips and tricks for dealing with needle phobia. Since over 20 percent of the population deals with some form of needle phobia, it’s helpful to know how to cope with those prickly medical procedures—if not for yourself, a loved one could greatly benefit from your knowledge.

The experts at Perll Diagnostics can help with blood draws, lab testing, and diagnostic testing in a variety of forms. Work with our mobile medical lab today to get the help you need, and learn how to cope with needle phobia!

Get the right mindset.

They say that fear is in the mind, but rarely does it feel that neat and tidy to the people who are afraid. Getting into the best possible mindset is an excellent starting point for dealing with your fear. Needles are very uncomfortable and can be scary, but they are not often painful—or at least, not painful for long. There are any number of ways you can trick your mind into facing the fear of needles, here are just some ideas:

  • Rationalize as much as possible—remind yourself that this procedure will take very little time, the pain will only be brief, this is necessary to keeping you healthy, etc. It can be hard to rationalize when you’re dealing with thoughts that are irrational, but this is a good starting place.
  • Focus on when it’s over. Getting testing done at 11 a.m.? Focus on noon. What will you be doing then? What do you want to do when testing is over? This helps conceptualize the briefness of the procedure; one of the most calming things to remember is that this is a moment in time, and it shall pass.
  • Pretend you’re someone else. It might seem childish, but if there’s a TV character or action hero or athlete that’s gone through some tough times, it can help to compare yourself to them. They would be brave in this situation, and channelling their courage can reflect on you as well.
  • Show gratitude. This can seem really challenging to do, but remind yourself that you have access to medical testing and treatment—a luxury by comparison to so many around the world.

Create a positive outcome.

It doesn’t have to be anything big (and truly, it shouldn’t be), but it’s OK to treat yourself after your appointment and blood work. Grab yourself a coffee after the test is over, get some fries from McDonald’s, rent a movie and unwind at home—whatever would serve as a nice way to self-congratulate, go for it!

Talk with the medical professionals.

Trust all of us at Perll Diagnostics when we say we’ve seen it before. Your fear is very real to you, but it’s not unique to us, which is why medical professionals can help you push through the pain and come out on top. Medical professionals have a plethora of other tricks up their sleeves to help you get through the prodding and poking while feeling more at peace.

Look away!

Especially if you’re prone to fainting, but even if it just freaks you out, close your eyes or look the other direction the moment they get started. Before your arm is even touched or your finger swabbed, look away. You’ll likely find that the procedure is over before you even realize it’s begun.

Call Perll Diagnostics!

Instead of having to drive to some random location and enter a sterile room that’s all-too-reminiscent of needles and sharp metal objects, you could have our mobile medical lab come to you. Getting medical testing performed in the comfort of your own home might be just what you need to stay calm and relaxed. Serving the Harrisburg area for years, we can bring the medical testing you need to your doorstep—contact our mobile medical lab to get started.