1. Dealing With Needle Phobia, Part Two

    Welcome back to our blog series on needle phobia! In our first blog, we looked at some of the questions regarding needle phobia, a very common fear in which people are afraid of needles. Today’s blog finds the leaders of our mobile medical lab explaining some of the tips and tricks for dealing with needle phobia. Since over 20 percent of the population deals with some form of needle phobia, it…Read More

  2. Dealing With Needle Phobia, Part One

    Needles are a pretty divisive topic. For some, the word “needles” provides a general discomfort or dislike, but also a recognition that it’s a part of life. Needles aren’t great, but they’re not a huge deal. For many others—20 percent of the population, in fact—needle phobia is a very real fear. Considering 1 in 5 people are afraid of needles, we at Perll Diagnostics are not unfamili…Read More

  3. The Advantages of Mobile Medical Testing

    Going to the doctor is often the cause of inherent groans and sighs of dismay. And yet, like with paying our taxes, getting our oil changed, and enrolling in car insurance, going to the doctor is a routine part of life. Just like each of these tedious tasks, however, we can sometimes find ourselves putting off a trip to the doctor’s office or getting the medical testing we need. If you’re livi…Read More

  4. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new website for Perll Diagnostics! Stay tuned for updates!…Read More