I’m Nava Nawaz, MD, FCAP, the President and Laboratory Director at Perll Diagnostics, Inc.

Not everyone agrees on what health care truly should be. For some, health care should be viewed as any other business, one governed by market forces. For others, health care should be a scientific enterprise, a means of expanding our knowledge of the human condition.

At Perll Diagnostics, we think that, first and foremost, health care should be a means to help people. Our people believe in ethical practices, integrity, and service, and we prove that daily in a number of ways. First, we’ve made it a point to be convenient through offering a mobile phlebotomy service. Not everyone can take the time to visit a laboratory during the day. For those who can’t, we make life easier by coming to them for blood testing and other services, no matter where they are.

Second, we’ve made it a priority to always have a physician on-site at our laboratory. By doing that, there’s always someone available with the proper qualifications to make medical decisions, be available for professional consultations and answer questions.  

Third, we’ve taken steps to offer the pinnacle of client service. When we perform medical testing, the results of the tests are available within 24 hours. For those who do not have any health insurance coverage, our pricing is fair and affordable for all. We believe in being as flexible as possible for both patients and doctors.

With over 25 years of industry experience and 7 years in business, we’ve been around long enough to know the right ways to do things. We’re looking forward to serving you. For more information, contact us by phone or online today.